Daily we make various decisions about our body. Many times we are not even aware of it, but whatever we do will have an impact on the procedures that our body performs. What this tells us is that our health depends-in a large percentage- on the way we decide to live.

The digestive system is one of the most affected by our habits. Many times we live so rushed and overwhelmed that we do not even take prudent time to enjoy the food and digest it in the right way. If this happens one day, clearly nothing of greater severity or impact will happen. But what will happen if I make decisions that are not as accurate as this one every day?

Basically, our entire well-being depends on the well-being of our digestive system. Thanks to it the body can obtain the substances required by our cells to obtain energy and without that energy, the cell cannot synthesize any protein or perform any of the vital processes. In other words, if we don’t know how to eat, then nothing will work out.

ReviewsBay tells us a little about a condition or illness that, although it is still little known, surely more than one of us has suffered. This is no more than Leaky gut/ Intestinal permeability. Today we can know much more about it.

As mentioned above every day we make decisions about our body and wellbeing without even noticing it. An unbalanced diet with a high percentage of saturated fats or the high stress in which we live immersed are clear examples of the things we are doing wrong.

The problem with these situations or triggers is that we underestimate them. We all know that stress damages our health, as does a vague diet. The problem is that we do not finish believing the magnitude of the damage that this can generate. The worst of all is that they are silent agents, who work and damage so many tissues in our body that it is difficult to identify them as the cause of the problem. Humans are facing a very big problem that is only due to our lack of interest and few intentions to correct these actions.

Similarly, there are a few more extreme actions that can become high impact factors that go directly to the intestine and cause serious damage. Some examples of these could be:

  • The excessive use of antibiotics and other drugs
  • The infections
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

So, being very clear that we should be more aware of the actions we take daily, the next question must be: what should be done to correct it? Will it be possible to do this?

What are the warning signals that our body produces?

Let’s go back a bit to the idea of ​​leaky gut. ReviewsBay tells us that this is a condition in which the tissue of the intestine deteriorates, to the point where it can give way to toxic substances or waste products into the bloodstream.

The amount of adverse effects that this can generate is very varied and clearly not all are related to the digestive system. When the intestine gives way to these substances to move through the entire organism, we will soon receive clear warnings that something is not right out there.

Some people visualize the effects with some type of allergy, eczema, peeling or the appearance of acne on their face. Others begin to suffer strange headaches, dizziness and migraines.

Many people have affected their bone and muscle system, with joint pains or rheumatism. In three cases, there is hormonal decontrol. The latter are more frequent in women and usually cause lack of control in their menstruation.

And clearly, there are a lot of symptoms from the digestive system since it is the place where the problem originates. This can range from diarrhea or constipation, to great discomfort caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

The problem with these symptoms is that they are very dispersed and general, so a person can find a difficult task to conclude that he has a problem originated in his intestine. We cannot forget that this problem is very little known, and consequently most people ignore that this is possible.

Medications: What should I do?

Now, before referring to any type of medication it is important to know all the measures that we must take as part of the treatment. The first thing we should do in the presence of these symptoms is a visit to the doctor. If he finds any fault in the digestive system, he will refer us to a specialist who in these cases is a gastroenterologist.

This person will be able to detect with greater precision the problem and naturally its causes. According to this he will indicate some corrections and changes that you should apply in your lifestyle. Actually treating the intestine is not so complicated, since its tissue is one of the most flexible and presents high regenerative properties.

The difficult part of the process is to make the patient change all these activities and actions that he has been doing wrong and that will not stop hurting him. However, if the patient is consistent with his treatment, he will not take a long time to recover from this small but pernicious condition.

Returning to the idea of ​​medicines, ReviewsBay gives us some ideas about it. Clearly any type of substance must be indicated by the doctor. But what kind of substances is indicated?

Well, today we have a range of ideal supplements to correct this problem. They provide the body with an increase in collagen. The opening of the intestinal pores is due to a decrease in the amount of collagen present between the epithelial cells, which little by little make the tissue less dense.

These supplements will make recovery much faster and others will be ideal to regulate other digestive processes. These annoying symptoms will soon disappear. However, do not forget the most important thing: none of this is enough if there is not a significant change in the patient’s way of life. He is the only one with the ability to improve his health from his lifestyle.