As the name tells you, the aquarium lighting is what you will see inside the fish tanks to illuminate the aquarium. Aquariums, often different from each other, require specialized lighting according to their characteristics, which will allow them to support the processes of photosynthesis of some species within the water. You will see aquarium lighting for different types of water; here we explain in detail what each one consists of:

  • Fresh water: They use high density compact fluorescent light bulbs. These provide a much stronger source of light that stimulates the growth of plants, however, has the disadvantage that usually consume more electricity than conventional lights and general much more heat.
  • Brackish: It is similar to the lighting used for fresh water, however, brackish water aquariums usually include infrared bulbs or UBV, sometimes or one or the other, but there are also cases where they include both types, idea is that this type of lighting provides some protection to part of the fauna that you will find in the aquarium, as is the case of turtles.
  • Marina: In the case of marine aquariums, lighting is used for the sole purpose of dissipating darkness. The idea of ​​this type of light is that you have an optimal visualization of the fish that make up the pond and the species that are there. Here the light has purely aesthetic purposes, so it is also usually of less intensity than that used in other types of aquarium, since, in this case, it is rather seeking to limit the growth of algae.

Lighting not only for fish

There are many types of lighting for aquariums, but if you are newbies you must remember that lighting is not strictly necessary for fish or to heat water, but rather to help the photosynthesis of plant species found in the aquarium. Source: If you want to heat the pond, the heater will suffice, but the light benefits, for example, algae and coral more than fish. Then, before deciding, you must be clear about the size and type of your aquarium so that, with these specific data, you can select the appropriate lighting. It is necessary that you remember that each illumination has its advantages and strengths; you only have to know which the right one is.

Other fluorescent lighting for aquarium

Some aquariums, by their nature and condition, only require fluorescent lighting with normal output without major pretensions, this, of course, will depend on what type of tank you have and the depth. You will see that fluorescent bulbs come in lengths ranging from 18 to 72 inches, and as the bulb lengthens, it produces more watts which can be beneficial for certain types and sizes of aquariums. A typical fluorescent lamp is four to six times cheaper than a conventional incandescent lamp because it operates its invisible ultraviolet light. In this context, you will find other types of fluorescent lighting that will be beneficial for certain types of aquarium; here we explain some of them:

  • T-12: They are cheap and very available, they usually come with aquariums, and however, they are not very energy efficient. They are the widest fluorescents, tending to measure up to 1.5 inches.
  • T-8: It is one of the most used options recently; it has slightly higher energy efficiency than the T-12 bulb. It is about 1 inch wide and its 48-inch version uses 32 watts.
  • T-2: They are often used to complement LED lights as they often use fewer watts to produce the energy that corals and algae need. They are really small, measure 0.276 inches in diameter and produce about 950 lumens, ideal for aquariums with algae less than 18 inches deep.

What is the best lamp for aquarium?

If you still do not know what to buy, you can check the comments of the users, and, although the brand is not that important, maybe we can throw a light on what you need. See Source: We have wanted to give you a hand and here we leave our guide where are those that, we consider, are the best aquarium lamps:

  1. Deckey Aquarium Lamp

Energy Saver

This LED screen is suitable for aquariums less than 120 centimeters. It is a good quality product, friendly to the environment and energy saver. It brings 120 nano white light bulbs and another 24 blue light. Those who already have it claim that it is an ally for the growth of aquarium plants of up to 200 liters. It has high cost, but its users say that it is a great investment.

  1. Aquarium lamp, lights for aquariums

It favors the growth of plants

With a show of colors based on white and blue lights, these 500 lumen LED lamps have efficient consumption and an elegant and very aesthetic design. Endowed with power of 11 watts, this lamp offers you excellent night vision and develop a good actinic light that encourages plant growth using a good germicide. It is an economical product, easy to install and good performance. It occupies little space. For added information see Source:

  1. Sodial LED aquarium strip lamp

Protect the environment

This lamp is the least expensive model. It is a white light tube ideal for lighting 15-liter tanks providing a cold but intense light that will offer you a beautiful light show in your aquarium, especially if you have a pink fish tank. It is installed through a system of suction cups and can be placed on the lid of the tank or subject with other mechanisms. It is suitable for simple plants.

  1. SIMBR aquarium lamp

Simple and easy to install

With a system of low consumption that does not produce pollution, this lamp is suitable for ponds of less than one meter, specifically for those between 30 and 50 cm. It has a telescopic rod design and offers you bright night vision light. The fluorescent screens of this manufacturer consist of 300 lumens, are made of plastic PVC and have power of 6 watts. It is low cost and very light.

  1. LED aquarium lamp Itian

Two levels of light and color

Designed with specialized power supply, this luminary will help you grow everything you have planted in the pond. There are 72 lights with two light levels and it is suitable for aquariums less than 90 cm and with power greater than 5w. It is affordable and according to the opinion of those who have already bought it, it is a product of great performance and efficient energy. See more at Source: