Cordless Drills can be found in almost every home, yet there are things that are mysteries to you about this tool. “Cordless” meaning that they are not always used connected to a power source but they are used with rechargeable batteries serving as the man source of power. The batteries have different capacities and they could be 7.2 V battery packs or even with greater voltages like 18V, 24v, 28V or even 36V and it this these voltages that provides the drill with the ability of providing torques matching those of the corded drills. The batteries in place makes a huge difference between cordless drills and other types of drills, however, the batteries are not all there is to cordless drills as they have some other amazing features and parts making them best cordless drill for the money.

There are diverse brands of cordless drills however all these brands can be grouped into two broad groups and they are;

  1. Standard Cordless Drill Drivers
  2. Right Angled Cordless Drill Drivers (usually used to screw in a tight place or one that looks impossible to screw)

Irrespective of the type of drill they are, the parts remain constant and the difference is observed only in their functionality. The parts of a cordless drill include the following

  1. Switch and Electronics; this comprises of about 4 different functions irrespective of the brand or type of cordless drill and they are :
  • Simple On-Off

Like every mechanical tool, there is always total control in your hands as you decide when to have the tool on or not and this is made possible in cordless drills using the simple on-off switch. It comes in handy as you can put your drill on or off in seconds unlike in corded drills where you might have to go disconnect from a power source to put it off totally.

  • Electronic Cordless drill brake (Quick Stop Switch)

Just from its name, it’s a quick stop switch and without this feature you will definitely drive a screw too deep or drill holes larger than expected. The fast response of this switch to hold or release is essential to working effectively with the cordless drill. It puts the battery drill to a stop immediately the switch is released

  • Left-Right Switch ( usually integrated or apart)

This is usually placed above the main on/off switch and it is used solely to change the direction in which the drill is driving. Since it is one of the most used parts your effectiveness depends on it and you should always take time to test its comfortability, holding and switching between the two positions to have a feel of what you will be paying for. Irrespective of the brand this switch remains similar.

  • Soft Start Cordless Drill Switch

With a firm grip on this switch, you give your drill a smooth start one which might make the difference in the eventual work done on a work piece. It enables you to control the speed at which you start off the drill and this starting speed goes a long way in determining how the smaller crews are driven into the work piece

  1. Clutch and Torque Adjustment

The type of work surface goes a long way to determine the usefulness of the torque adjustment. Many a times people overrate the use of this tool, the importance is not disputed maybe it’s not just worth the hype. If you are working on a metal surface this is of upmost importance as the material will cause resistance and you might have to step up the need of the torque adjustment. On the contrary if you are working on a wooden surface with little or no resistance the function of the torque adjustment is minimized and it is just less reliable. Being one of the over rated parts in the drill and with many having a lot to say about the torque adjustment you might as well see for yourself if it is worth the hype.

The Cordless Drill Charger

Having discussed about various essential parts of the cordless drill, we might as well have a look at one of the most important accessory if not the most important; the cordless drill battery charger. This is the most overlooked part of a cordless drill, if you go through several reviews for a product you will hardly find people say anything about the charger, this is quite disappointing because the Cordless Drill battery charger is the source of power for every cordless drill that you will ever find and it has proven to be more than just an accessory, it is the life- giver to the Cordless drill itself

Types of Cordless Drill Battery Charger

Most times people don’t what the best type of battery charger for their cordless drill and this is quite simple. The best battery charger for your cordless drill is no other than the one that came along with your drill in its case. In the absence of this you might have to look for trustworthy electronic shops and purchase one, however there are different types of battery charger suitable for the best cordless drill for the money and they are;

  • Chargers with charging time of 3-24 hours
  • Chargers with charging time of 1 hour
  • Chargers with Ultra High Speed Charging time of 15 minutes or less.

Having observed these three types of charger you will find out that the major differences is in the charging time of each one of them. However most of the kits come with 1 hour chargers with very few deciding to go with the trend of supplying the ultra-fast chargers. The new and advanced chargers have several parts that make them distinct from other regular chargers, they include

  • Cooling Fan: which passes air into the battery while charging it
  • Temperature Control: which regulates the temperature of the charger
  • Voltage Control: which regulates battery voltage and avoid overcharging.
  • Electronics/ sensor: the memory chip of the batteries are checked with this