First, we clarify concepts

What is trading?

It is the art of negotiating and/or speculates on the values of financial markets operating in the world, such as the New York Stock Exchange, you can make trading in currencies, commodities, stocks, etc. In this case, we are going to focus on commodities, the commodity is understood as any resource where its value is subject to supply and demand, for example, gold, oil and other resources.

A clear example of trading and the Crypto Signals…

Say you enter to play with the value of an action whose price is $ 50 (say any value), you buy it but hours later its value is increased by $ 100, at this point you sell it and you generate a 100% return On the initial value, this profitability is your profit with that operation. So mime, there are bad operations where you can buy and the value decreases, all this requires that you understand the market very well and have the emotional intelligence to make good buying and selling decisions.

How does this apply to cryptocurrencies?

Before explaining the cryptocurrency trading, if you still do not know what this term means, then I will leave you a FREE training by email so that you can learn in detail how they arose and what benefits they generate. Have a look at the Crypto Signals. Once you understand about the cryptocurrency technology in which hundreds of banks are investing, let’s explain how trading works.

The handling is very similar to the purchase and sale in the New York Stock Exchange, only that in the case of cryptocurrencies, these values change with greater speed, just as a coin may cost 2 dollars in one night, may the next double time its value, that is why it has great benefits at the time of purchase and sale but in the same way requires knowledge of the market to make good purchasing decisions. In order to buy different currencies and enter the world of trading, there are a variety of pages that allow these transactions, for example, one of the ones I have been using since a good time is HitBtc, and here you can register for free:

There are more in the market but those are the ones that I have used so far. To be able to buy coins in each one, you must have a BitCoin balance, if you do not know how to obtain BitCoins, in the training that I mentioned before you will learn to work it.

What are cryptocurrencies and how does BitCoin work?

These concepts are no longer so unknown and now you can learn how to use them correctly, if you do not have knowledge about the subject, you have arrived at the right place. Then I will show you in this short article the main features of cryptocurrencies, especially the most popular of all, BitCoin.

What are cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency with which you can exchange goods and services through electronic transactions without having an intermediary, these, unlike traditional money, is not controlled by any bank and its value is determined by the confidence of users , that is, the more people use the cryptocurrency , the more value it will have on the market. Do you want to know about the Crypto Signals?

Where did they appear – the Crypto Signals?

Its birth was produced by the most popular currency in the world, BitCoin, this currency was born in 2009 in order to give people control over their money without the banks or governments intervening in it. Currently, the states control the value of the currency through the issuance of money, at the same time the banks print artificial money. This is where the inflation term comes from, which does not happen with the crypto-currencies since they have a controlled inflation, the number of coins that are generated and the speed with which they do it is controlled.

What advantages does a cryptocurrency have?

  • Without intermediaries: Without a bank or government to control it since the transactions are made from person to person directly.
  • Decentralized: By not being controlled by any bank or government, anyone can make use of the currency and convert it to the local currency.
  • Fast transactions: Transactions are faster than if we ship from one point of the world to another through the banks.
  • Security: When you have cryptocurrencies in your virtual wallet, only you can use them, nobody else.

What disadvantages do they have?

  • Value: As the value can rise considerably and generate a very interesting return, it can also go down, it should be clear that due to a large number of users who follow it and will continue to use it, its value will remain so the losses in their price they will not be considerable.
  • Now that we talk about all the currencies that exist, this is where a new business arises for cryptocurrencies, virtual currency trading, this is to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the aim of buying cheap and selling expensive, for example, you can use platforms like HitBtc to perform all these operations.

Are there other currencies?

Yes, enough, with the birth of BitCoin, other cryptocurrencies with similar characteristics began to appear, if you want to see that other cryptocurrencies exist, in the lower part I leave an image with the value of each and its respective name. I hope this information has been useful for you to continue advancing in knowing this magnificent technology that IF or IF we should take advantage of since it is not only the topic of Trading, behind the cryptocurrency there are great businesses to generate that coveted additional income that for sure you they will fall very well. If you have any questions, at the bottom you will find all my social networks and I will be glad to help you.