There are many people who take drugs for many kinds of purposes, the most common being for the recreational purposes. There are numerous people all over the world who do drugs because of recreational purposes. People like to do drugs as from the intake of drugs, they feel lighter, they have a sense of euphoria, their tension and stress levels seem to reduce for the moment and their body seems relaxed. Drugs are also taken by athletes to increase their abilities and stamina. The only downside is that they all are illegal, which is a huge problem, as what will a person do if he or she wants to do drugs to reduce their stress. It is a huge problem for these people as drugs inside the body can easily be detected through urine tests. For that, the only possible and easy solution is giving fake urine for drug test.

Difference between taking drugs and doing drugs

Even though both the terms seem to mean the same, there is a subtle difference between taking drugs and doing drugs. Basically, taking drugs generally means taking it because of the prescription from a doctor. And doing drugs means taking it because of recreational purposes. If people take drugs because of a medical prescription, then it is alright. As, if some kind of checking happens, and if the person mentions that he is taking drugs under medical supervision, then the authorities won’t be doing anything against him. But if people are doing drugs because of their enjoyment then they can get caught if any checking happens. As in the procedure of checking, the people run various kinds of tests, the most common being the urine test, and from the urine samples, it is determined whether a person is on drugs or not. So, what to do? How to not get caught as when a person does drug, the drug does not leave the system for the next 30 days. The only option is to undergo a complete detox which is highly unlikely and not an easy option. Well, as mentioned above, the only possible option (which is actually quite easy) is to give fake urine for drug test.

This is the best option for people who want to have some fun and in order to relieve their stress, they can now do drugs without worrying about getting caught. All thanks to this innovation called synthetic urine or fake urine.

What is Fake Urine?

Fake urine, which is also called synthetic urine or synthetic pee, is basically a solution used with the primary purpose to copy the looks, composition and the chemical properties and aspects of human urine. Its secondary purposes are in the labs, it is used for measuring in the urine testing tools and also in some particular industrial applications like in diaper companies. This synthetic solution has the all the elements that are present in the urine of a healthy person. The organic components of this solution contain uric acid, urea, and creatinine and the inorganic components inside this solution are ammonia, proteins, metabolites, sulphates, etc. In addition to that, the pH of this solution, as well as its specific gravity, is the same as the real urine of humans which makes this fake urine for drug test just perfect.

How to Pass the Urine Test with the Help of Fake Urine?

All you require to do to pass the urine test is to change your urine sample with the fake or synthetic urine. And make sure the fake urine should be warm to pass the urine test. This is because, if the synthetic urine is a bit too warm or even bit too cold, then it will straightway be rejected. But worry not, as warming the fake urine isn’t that difficult. There are several easy ways of warming the synthetic urine. The first one is by microwaving it. This is probably the easiest way to get the exact temperature you want if the urine test is unsupervised. Just keep it in the microwave and warm it to the temperature you desire. After that, you can wrap a hand warmer around the bottle containing the fake urine. This will keep the fake urine solution warm which is essential for passing the urine test. This is because hand warmers are quite effective in their work by maintaining the fake urine’s warm temperature. You can also try out the other options like keeping the fake urine solution near any part of the body that remains warm. By doing this, you ensure that the solution remains warm because of the body heat warming the synthetic urine.

There is also the option for buying those types of synthetic urine that comes with the heat activating powder. There are many brands in the market that make such types of synthetic urine. It comes in small packets containing the powder. For making the solution, you have to add lukewarm water to the container then add the synthetic urine powder in it. Finally, add the heat activating powder in the container (just one-third of it), then mix all the contents to make the perfect blend. After that, you have to wait until the solution reaches the desired temperature. If you have a urine holder flask then you don’t need to worry about knowing the temperature as these flasks already have a built-in thermometer of their own proving to be of great help to the users.

Alternative Options to Synthetic Urine

If for some reason you fail in the urine test, then don’t worry as there is another way out, as something like a last resort. You can fail in this test if you use low-quality synthetic urine solutions. They can lack essential elements like creatinine or uric acid, and then you will get caught. The alternative to fake urine for drug test is detox pills or detox solutions. This detox is just a temporary method which will work for you in the test but won’t work permanently.