To buy a suitcase and carry your belongings in a comfortable and safe way to where you need it, it is worth noting that at least two or three different suitcase sizes are included according to the type of trip you are going to make, including your respective wheels for a more comfortable transfer, which have a good closing mode and ergonomic handle for good handling and handling, and which are not too heavy. Among the proposals that users recommend, the Vojagor Red Bordeaux model stands out for having a pack of four suitcases in different colours to choose from, resistant to knocks and with revolving wheels in 360.

As a second option, Hauptstadtkoffer Alex It stands out for having a set of three suitcases, polycarbonate construction, 360-degree rotating wheels and a 3-digit security system so that the opening of the case is not easy before theft attempts. Check out the ultimate luggage sets buying guide.

The ultimate luggage sets buying guide

What is the best suitcase in the market?

Suitcases are the perfect companion for all your trips. The place to take everything you care about or what you need, with a versatile space distribution, so you only carry what you need. Learn more about these products with our guide to buy the best suitcase in the market, which will make it easier to find a suitcase that is economical, but of high quality, to make the most of your trips.

Available space

When we decide to buy a suitcase, the first thing we must evaluate is the need for space that we will have. Today, it is true that any product that we see in a comparison of suitcase sets includes the three basic pieces, with a briefcase or large suitcase, medium suitcase and hand luggage, but this does not prevent the space and its distribution from varying. The proof is that in this comparative that we mentioned, and in the study work that we have done, we found games of three suitcases that go from the 180 to the 240 litres of capacity. How can there be such a difference? It is simple from the the ultimate luggage sets buying guide because the format and measurements of suitcases change and with it the space available inside.

So, when evaluating the space of the game, study both the measurements and the actual capacity of each of the suitcases. Also take a look inside, if photos allow, to see that the available space is practicable and not just a theoretical calculation. And, by the way, speaking of dimensions, do not forget to verify that the cabin luggage has the correct measurements because if this is not so, it can cost you more than one sanction.

Resistance and materials

We all know how good treatment is given to our bags when we travel. Therefore, our suitcase should be resistant and capable of withstanding these abuses. A question in which the manufacturing materials of the same are key that, as far as quality materials are concerned, does not already have a great influence on how much the game costs. We hope you will take notes from the ultimate luggage sets buying guide.

The good news is that the current trend is that many games already have exteriors made of a high-strength plastic material, which adequately support the blows that can be worn during use while keeping your belongings safe inside. It is the most current trend and generally preferred by travellers from around the world. The alternative is found in high-strength textile materials. Materials that, although they have a good shock-absorbing power, is somewhat less effective in this task. However, they have a greater resistance when it comes to withstanding continuous blows, so that, in the long run, suitcases with this material will last longer than hard shell models. In any case, the option is yours, considering both the frequency of your trips and the suffering of your bags. Have a look at the ultimate luggage sets buying guide.


We cannot close these tips without talking about the mobility of suitcases that are part of the game. If we take into account that we will have to carry them in airports, buses, trains and several times throughout our trip. Therefore, a game with quality mobility will undoubtedly save you hassles and problems. Mobility usually begins with the feet, or in this case, with the wheels. The suitcases that we are evaluating must include wheels, preferably of free rotation, that help us to carry the suitcases rolling there to where it is necessary. If you do not have four freewheels at least we should have two, to make it easier to move them.

A displacement in which the telescopic handle system is also important. This handle allows you to adjust your height to yours so that pulling or pushing the suitcases is much more comfortable. A quality handle is the perfect partner of good wheels, and should not be missing in any of the suitcases that are part of the game. By the way, some suitcases can be carried together, so, if the game offers you this possibility, much better.

What is the best suitcase suit of 2018?

Thinking about making a purchase soon? The best recommendation we can make is that you do not rush and take the time to review several options so that the product you buy is the best. That’s why here we bring you the best suitcase games you’ll find in the market or the ultimate luggage sets buying guide.

The best of all is the Vojagor Red Bordeaux

Main advantage

The pack includes four sizes of suitcases that you can adapt for each of your trips whether they are short, business or long vacations. The best thing is that when you are not travelling you can store them easily because they all fit in the large suitcase, reducing the amount of space needed to store them.

This suitcase of suitcases enjoys an excellent relation quality price, the users who acquired it express much satisfaction because the suitcases are resistant thanks to the hardness of the ABS housing that covers them, with good space and a system of 360º wheels that allows a great mobility for customers. Its extendable handle adjusts to 2 levels with the push of a button. Includes a pin with a 3-digit combination to secure the contents of your suitcase and protect it from thieves.