Epic games is a giant company in the game industry that has produced so many games of different functions ranging from crime, gospel, music, dance, and a whole lot of other games. Recently in 2017, they developed a new game called fortnite. Fortnite was released as several software packages with distinct properties but they all share the same principle of game play and plot. They have the same game engine too which has made the game quite interesting. Fortnite has a wonderful storyline and it has a resemblance to many present-day zombie related movies. The game has a major mode called Save the World and it is the most appreciated mode. It is majorly involved with a player that is a shooter and he has to survive the defeat invent of zombies. He has to fight each of those zombies and defend each property around. Another game mode is Battle Royale and it is a mode where that is all about the survival of the fittest. Here there is an in-house right between 100 players till one survives and kills the remaining ninety and nine. all those modes were introduced same time as the game was dropped. It is mostly used by mobile phone users. It was the complete representation of the game ideology. However both modes are available on different game platforms. The first mode is available on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • macOS
  • Play station 4
  • Xbox One

The second mode, Battle Royale is available on the following platforms as well:

  • Nintendo switch
  • iOS
  • Android

Well as much as the first mode is widely appreciated, there are a lot of people using the second mode especially because it has a version on the mobile phone where anybody can have access to it at any time of the day. Instead of going out for any recreational related activity, fortnite battle Royale is just available on your device for your immediate use. This second mode has successfully been able to attract at least 125 million users which prove an applauding success. It is rare among games of such caliber and this has made the company make millions of dollars as generated revenue. It has since become the face of fortnite. Many young people play fortnite always to let off pressure for different personal experiences. Adults play it too but not as dedicated as the young ones especially because it deals with destroying zombie scums disturbing the comfort of the player.

History And Development Of Fortnite

Based on history, fortnite started a long time ago as an internal game after the development of gears of war 3 in 2011. It was developed as result of a major game jam and then there were some other developments for Minecraft and terraria which were later merged. After all these, then there was an initiative for fortnite to be introduced and in no time some very good developers came out with a plan. After thorough research and digging then the game was finally developed completely. Giving reference to the development of fortnite there were lots of hiccups especially in-house. Some of the issues faced are as follows:

  • Creating a platform for Unreal 4 which can only be done by switching from Unreal Engine 3.
  • Creation of a style of increasing the lifespan of the game and thereby creating a deeper role-playing process in the game.
  • A switch of style to a cartoon looking type which seems to be more beautiful than the previous dark theme.
  • Employment of A Chinese publishing company, Tencent. Tencent was employed since the game was seen as a service model. Then Tencent took a large portion of shares from the company, Epic. This made Epic loose some key employers in the company that had great potential for the development of the game. This particular clash caused the dragging of time for the completion of fortnite.

Well, it took Epic a lot of hard work and courage to have the game ready as at 2017 when it was released. But it is not yet a free-to-play game till sometime this year as the company mentioned. In 2018: many players are expecting to have the full access required meanwhile the feedback of present players is required. The feedback from players that are on it now could be used to upgrade and improve the authenticity of the game. Remembering both modes, battle Royale and save the world have been carefully separated for several reasons although battle Royale is doing very well. The invent of Nintendo for battle Royale went a long way to ensure the fans of the game increased all of a sudden. The number of users increased from 10 million to 125 million and this became a major milestone in the company’s progress. The revenue generated is quite alarming and it has been recorded that 2018 had the biggest sales and players with hundreds of dollars. Many people have not even been able to give a proper review of it because it seems to still be trying to get into the game minds of the people. Little by little the game is beginning to take shape among the crowd especially celebrities. Footballers want to celebrate with the game dance, celebrities posting about playing the game and a lot of other interesting activity that shows that fortnite has become a common online phenomenon. Celebrities that play it include Drake, Travis Scott, and other secular music stars.

In summary, fortnite is a very interesting game and it requires time and dedication. Epic is working so hard to ensure the game gets better as the year goes by. Epic is actually organizing a fortnite World Cup tournament and other features for the fortnite game content. Fortnite has proven harmful to the psychological stability of a child’s brain. It is advisable that as a parent or teacher, the game play should be censored. It could also distract students from doing well according to research.