Good fences make good neighbours. The famous poem by Robert Frost makes me wonder if we really need a wall to make good neighbours. But then I remembered my hyperactive 3-year-old Nicole and my equally active 5-year-old boxer. When you own a dog that is impatient to open the door, dig your neighbour’s garden, chase your neighbour’s cat, you have limited options and you are in dire need of a fence. Here we are not talking about a stone fence, bricks, barbed wire, but an invisible fence for dogs. Invisible fences are nothing more than ‘hidden’ fences made of electrical cables that are buried underground. A collar with a receiver is worn by the dog. The collar beeps when the dog approaches the wire and gives a slight electric shock if it tries to cross the invisible fence. Have a look at the!

When you own a dog, taking care of it becomes an important part of your daily routine. You do not want your dog to be confined inside the house all day, but you fear for your safety when playing outside, so you think of an invisible fence. But we are often reluctant and consider it inhumane to let our loved one experience electric shocks. You have to remember that proper training of your dog is vital to the success of this tool. Raising domestic animals is undoubtedly a difficult task. You simply cannot erect a fence and ask your dog to stay inside. Dogs are forced to roam wildly and explore the outside world, letting them deal with annoying neighbours and unhappy associations. Containing a dog inside your garden becomes a problem if you have strict laws in the particular neighbourhood that restrict you from erecting a conventional fence. But the electric fence system can alleviate this stressful situation. See!

What is a

The electric fence for dogs is a set of three components – transmitter, underground wiring and receiver. You can seek professional help to install it or you can do it yourself at home. All you need to do is connect the transmitter to a normal electrical outlet in a dry place. Nowadays transmitters that work in solar energy are also available. The cable is an insulated power cable that is fixed through the perimeter of your garden. The wire should preferably be buried 1 to 3 inches inside the ground. Although an open thread does not cause any damage, there are chances that people will trip on it or the lawn mower will cut it. Then, the cable must be buried, the electric fence system is also called an ‘underground’ or invisible fence system. And since there is no visible disorder of the cables through the fence, the aesthetics of the fence is not impeded, leaving the association that there is no reason to complain. The last component-receiver is attached to the dog’s collar.

How does the invisible fence work?

The transmitter emits a radio signal in the form of a sine wave. This signal is carried through the underground cable. The signal is usually low power; therefore, the efficiency of the system is a short distance. When the dog approaches a fence, the receiver connected to the collar starts to sound, giving the dog a warning to retreat. The system uses three “correction” mechanisms. The warning, warning and correction and correction only! The beep is the warning for the dog to leave, if the dog keeps trying to cross the fence, a slight electric shock will be generated. Some systems also come with citronella sprays, a spicy chemical, which dogs find offensive. None of the correction mechanisms can be harmful to your dog.

However, this system can be effective for small dogs under 12 pounds or small puppies. The installation of the dog’s invisible fence is a very easy process, what you can do yourself. However, you may consider seeking professional help if you have acres of land to cover. The invisible fence kit comes with the necessary components and an installation guide. However, before you are ready to buy an electric fence, you must do market research. The reviews of invisible dog fences will tell you that some systems are meant for small dogs, while others are more effective for covering a large area of land. The cost of the dog fence is also influenced by these factors. Thus, see

After that, write down all the design of your garden on a graph paper. Measure the perimeter accurately before ordering the insulated cable. Once you are equipped with all the supplies, start working putting the cable around the perimeter. Although it is not a necessity that the cable is buried underground, it can prevent people from accidentally stumbling on it or cutting it off with the lawnmower. A buried cable is better than an exposed cable. Use a garden trencher or edger to dig furrows 1 to 3 inches deep around the perimeter. Place the cable in the slot and cover with dirt or grass. Install the transmitter, place the collar on your pet’s neck and you’re done! You can use the system for only some time of the day,

Remember, training your dog is as important as installing a dog fence. Some companies may offer a training guide along with their systems. You can expect this system to work only if your dog understands the importance of staying on the perimeter when he notices it. Each time the animal is about to cross the electric fence, a warning beep prevents it from doing so. A correction mechanism in the form of a slight shock also restricts a dog from crossing the boundary of his home. To work in the training of dogs, the invisible fence system is a necessity. Further, strong and resistant dogs can easily overcome the barrier since a slight shock does not affect them. Another shortcoming of this system is that it does nothing to prevent other animals from entering your yard.