Weed consumption can get you high like nothing else in this world. The experience that you get out of it is simply splendid. However, in states where the substance is illegal, it can get quite a headache to escape the law if you are tested positive for weed content in your body. Any people who use weed doo want solutions to get weed quickly out of their system. And yet, the online content that can give the right information is quite limited. The need for correct information becomes all the more important for the people who want to have a daily dose of marijuana.

Duration of weed’s presence

A particular bad news for the people who are in love with weed is that it can be present in your body for a very long time. The main culprit is the THC metabolite that can invade into majorly three parts of the body. Your hair, blood and urine are the prime targets. And if you are about to face a strict drug test, then certainly it is going to be a bane for you. The detection uses urine, blood, hair and oral samples for doing the tests. The THC metabolites can even stay up to a month after the weed has been consumed and this can lead you into serious trouble. Let’s look at the duration of weed substances in different samples.

  • In urine, THC may leave after 22 minutes. However, it can vary from person to person. Those who smoke a lot of weed can end up having THC metabolites for a long period of time.
  • If you talk of blood samples, the THC metabolites can stay up to 2 weeks. The same is the case for oral fluids.
  • However, in hair, the case is far worse. You can have the THC metabolites existing for more than 90 days.

Where is the problem?

The issue arises when you have to seek employment and have to undergo tests that will check for your hair, blood and urine samples. If you consume weed, then for sure you will get caught. However, a few tips can help you escape the law’s clutches. This is especially important, given the fact that your employment largely depends on you coming out clean in the tests. www.exit-5.net has a lot of tips on how to pass the tests, some of which we will discuss here in the article.

How to pass a urine test?

Passing a urine test may not be that tough too, provided you are ready to take the risks we are going to suggest. You can buy synthetic urine from the market, though you have to be very cautious. Many brands that sell in the market are not of good quality and can be quite misleading. A physician can detect fake urine if it is too thin or too perfect to be true. Therefore, you have to tread with caution regarding this. If you can grab a good brand, then simply pour this synthetic urine into the bottle that the hospital would have provided you.

Another way to pass a urine test is to get your friend’s urine. Though it sounds quite awkward to ask a friend for urine, but the job is certainly much more precious. You cannot play with your future and a dream career just for the sake of your ego or shyness. Therefore, get your closest friend to donate some urine to you if the hospital allows you to get the sample from home. This certainly sounds better than having synthetic urine, which is prone to failure.

Detox agents

There are certain detoxifying agents that can be ingested to pass a urine test. These agents stop the passage of the THC metabolites inside the urine and therefore, can help you pass a urine test if your test happens within 3-4 hours of ingestion of the agents. However, be cautious of fake products and of low quality substances. After all, this is going inside your body, so you need to be very sure. Also, remember to drink loads of water while you use these substances. Try the herbal formulas that are safe for your body and don’t harm you in ways that you won’t like to invite.

Home remedies

A very common DIY mechanism is to use the Certo method of drug test. Certo is basically a brand of fruit pectin. The pectin forms a coating on the lining of the bladder. This lining prevents THC metabolites to enter into the urine and therefore, can help you pass undetected. This can be the quickest and easiest method to pass a drug test. You can get details on this technique on www.exit-5.net as well. However, there are too many variables at play and if you have a high BMI, then this technique can betra you as well.

What does not work?

The online arena is full of claims from various companies and you can be easily misguided by people and brands. Be sure of the following things that do not help in passing drug tests.

  • Doing a lot of exercise does not help much. The THC metabolites still maintain their presence.
  • Loads of water going into your body can do no good too.
  • While certo is not so reliable, cranberry juice is a certain failure in detoxifying body.

The low-quality drinks that promise to cleanse your body also often fail to do justice.


The process of taking out THC metabolites from the body can be tough and you may need to struggle a lot to get it done. It is always preferred not to consume marijuana before your interview is scheduled. But in case you have consumed and have realized your folly quite late, you can try the methods we have suggested. Moreover, www.exit-5.net can help you immensely to try out various options so that you can get the job that you want. We wish that you clear your drug test and get your dream job, and then smoke as much as you want for a lifetime.