We know that the face is the mirror of the soul, hence the importance of caring for it. Often, specific problems arise that our acquired knowledge limits us to deal with. To solve these problems I have to focus on the expansion of knowledge both in new massage techniques and appliances and to gain greater safety in the field of cosmetics. It is necessary to work in order to do this we have to rely on a program.

Deep cleansing at best facial Singapore:

This type of facial cleansing removes impurities and dead cells, leaving the skin healthy and fresh. Start with a polish, followed by the application of a series of masks to soften them and facilitate their removal. Then all the dirt are extracted, ending with a serum, whose active ingredients such as chamomile and lime promote inflammation, as well as a refreshing mask of aloe vera and menthol. It is recommended to accompany it with a hydration, humidification or nutrition. Ideal for all ages and all skin types! 1 per month is recommended by best facial Singapore.

These are practices that are performed in the office, fast, and safe to achieve a correction to the image of fatigue, rejuvenate and/or highlight its most important qualities that make each one unique and unrepeatable. This best facial Singapore cleaning is aimed at the progressive improvement of the skin. Eliminates impurities and dead skin cells, in order to nourish, moisturize and finally rehabilitate, thus contributing to the improvement of the texture of the skin, clarifying and recovering its freshness. In this cleaning, we use different types of masks according to the type of skin that is present.

This exfoliation treatment that is best facial Singapore also has its effect on the most superficial layers of the skin (stratum corneum and granular) so it can be applied for the removal of lines on the lips, acne scars, fine wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes caused by Sun. It can even serve to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

What are the benefits of using facial tonic by us?

Cleansing the skin every day is a commandment of beauty. However, many times we remove the makeup, wash the face, apply the moisturizer, eye contour and anti-wrinkle cream and the facial tonic? We overlook it or it’s not even part of our cleaning routine! Without facial tonic is a sin, if you want to know why you continue reading this so you know what the benefits of facial tonic are.

  • Among the main benefits of the facial tonic highlights its primary function: remove the remains of impurities and makeup of the fact that the makeup remover and the cleaner failed to remove. The facial tonic is ideal for removing those dead cells that were left on our skin and that are responsible for the appearance of pimples, blackheads, swelling and redness.
  • Balancing the skin is another benefit of the facial tonic. The feeling of freshness that the tonic offers is not in vain, it is because this cosmetic prepares the skin so that it receives correctly moisturizers and anti-wrinkles. Therefore, the even facial tonic is applied before starting any treatment on the face.
  • Also, the tonic helps improve the appearance of open pores. Once the pores of the face open it is impossible to completely close them again, however, the facial tonic allows them to reduce in size and close a little to avoid filling them with impurities and becoming larger and more noticeable.
  • For its cleansing action, one of the benefits of facial tonic is that it allows restoring the pH of the skin making it look healthier. There are many modalities of facial tonic, but the most common one offers calming effect to allow the sensitive face to support the ravages of a long day with many layers of makeup.
  • Among the benefits of the facial tonic, you can also find its purifying property for oily skin, which offers to control the production of sebum and promote balance to the facial shine. There is also a firming facial tonic, ideal to be used by mature skin that begins to suffer the effects of flaccidity.
  • Using facial tonic is an action that becomes pleasurable. In fact, when this cosmetic product becomes parterre the face cleaning routine becomes the preferred part. And it is that the sensation of freshness that is perceived in the skin prepares the dermis and the senses for an optimal rest. The skins that best receive the benefits of the facial tonic are sensitive or irritated because the sensation of calm they perceive is unique.

Its use should be moderate, as with any other peeling treatment. Usually, 6 to 12 sessions (approximately 20 minutes each) are needed, but it is important to let each of them pass through at least a week. At the end of each session, the skin will feel tight and will appear red, but it is an effect that disappears soon after. When finishing the treatment, it is recommended to do maintenance of best facial Singapore every two or three months.

It is a nutrition and hydration treatment, the most successful because it is based on the essential element for the skin oxygen (element transported by our arteries to give life to the tissue) which through a state-of-the-art apparatus created for achieving it spread (32 ml / m) to the dermis achieving an immediate rejuvenation of the skin, but with the addition of serving as a “carrier” or transport of any product that we need to introduce according to need. In the first part is added to prepare the skin and remove the thickening of the corneal layer which should measure in a young skin 0.04mm (it can get thickened in the sole of the foot to 9mm) and activate the formation of fibres of Collagen and elastics with our exclusive treatment.

In conclusion, best facial Singapore advantages are many: it can be applied to all skin types; its cost is not high; does not use chemicals; the same procedure cleanses tones, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin; it does not require a recovery period and has no side effects.