As you can see, it is very easy to start your own exercise program and that is fat decimator. The only thing you need is to commit yourself to yourself and do the activity that you like the most. Fat decimator starts by talking about how to put ourselves in the right mindset to lose weight, the reasons for doing so and how to set appropriate goals. We talk about how to have a good diet and improve our habits, we cover everything related to exercise: How to start, what to do, how often and with what intensity. Finally, we discuss various tricks to avoid mistakes and to remain firm with our plans and not give up. Let’s start what a fat decimator is? Fat decimator is achieved through the following things;

1) Motivation

When you start, it’s good to think about some things. You have to know that to achieve your goals you will have to make changes in your lifestyle, and that this is not automatic, but that a conscious effort on your part is needed. That is why before starting, it is recommended that you have some things clear. First, ask yourself, why do you want to lose those extra kilos? What benefits do you want to obtain? The answers can be several and they will be different for each person, but it is important that you know yours.

It does not matter if you want to eliminate the fat around your waist, or if you want to improve your health, that your figure looks better in your clothes, have a healthier life, less chance of getting sick, etc. Write down your answers and see the fat decimator, this generates a greater psychological impact, either in motivation or in eliminating excuses. It allows you to be clear that losing weight is important to you; it is not a passing idea. Now that we have reviewed all the previous steps, it is time that we get into the subject itself: How to lose weight. And how to do it in a permanent and healthy way!

2) Diet

The word diet is usually associated with going hungry, eating little and suffering to reduce our body fat. That is not the use we will give to the word. For us, from now on, diet simply means the foods you eat. You will see that you do not have to go hungry and that you can eat well. The key is to change your eating habits to healthier ones. The basic idea is that to lose weight you simply have to generate a calorie deficit. This can be done in two ways: by eating fewer calories (balanced diet) or by spending more (exercise). We will begin by improving our diet for two simple reasons. First, there is usually much to improve, and you can make several small changes that will generate results.

Second, it is easier for you to achieve weight loss with a more balanced diet and without exercising than exercising and maintaining your poor diet. That’s why fat decimator is recommended you start by changing your diet. First of all, start by studying a bit. Learn what it is to have a good diet here. Familiarize yourself with calories, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. In this way, you will be able to know if what you are doing is correct, if you are helping your body or damaging it. Do not follow a diet plan blindly but understand it and convince yourself that it makes sense to do it. A good diet gives you an innumerable amount of benefits for your health, so you will not only lose kilos but you will feel better and you will prevent many diseases.

To get an idea of where you are going, you can write down everything you eat for a few days to calculate how many calories you consume, and then use a calculator to find out your Body Mass Index, and how many calories you should consume per day. Do not be scared if the values are very different, your goal will be that these two values come closer and closer, changing what you eat and how you do it.

3) Exercise

By changing your diet that is giving by the fat decimator, you will begin to lose weight progressively and permanently, your body will acquire a more slender silhouette, and you will make sure you do not win all the lost kilos again. However, to accelerate the process and further strengthen your efforts, you must exercise. Our bodies are designed to move, that is why sedentary lifestyle causes many diseases. The more you use your muscles, the more calories you will burn. It is not necessary that you become a professional athlete, it is more relevant that you exercise regularly to do it intensely, that is why sessions of mild or moderate intensity are very effective when it comes to reducing the belly.

You should focus on cardiovascular exercise, such as running, walking, swimming, dancing, bicycling, etc. This type of exercise increases your metabolism and your heartbeat, which causes your body to consume its fat reserves. It seems strange, but if you want to mark your abs, the most important exercise is not the localized abdominal repetitions, because, even if you have these muscles very well developed if your body fat percentage is high, they will not appear, because they will be covered by it. That is why you should start with these exercises before starting a routine in the gym of fat decimator.

Personally, at fat decimator we think the best way to start is by walking. Walking will allow you to improve your physical condition without producing excessive fatigue or injury. It is very good as a kickoff, especially if you lead a sedentary life and if you do not practice sports. A first goal would be to walk 10,000 steps per day. It seems a lot, but after starting you realize that it is not so much. Then you can increase your speed, and start jogging or running to break the routine. In this way, you will manage to burn more and more calories in a safe way, which will bring you a number of additional benefits for your physical and mental health.