Crafting is a fine art that requires the help of various tools. There are multiple types of crafting; paper crafting is one of them. In usually involves working with paper and is a function that aims at designing paper.

To some, paper crafting is a hobby. But you would be amazed to know; some even take it as a profession.

But, the question would be, is paper crafting a viable profession?

Of course, it is. However, there is a catch. You would need some tools that are essential if you want to pursue paper crafting. These tools will make crafting just another days work. By some, I mean six. Allow me to tell you about six paper crafting tools that you must have in your collection:

1.    Trimmer:

Paper trimmer can be the best addition to your arsenal. If you want to cut paper into words or designs, you would need a cutter.

So why do you need a paper trimmer for? make a research and they look there is a difference between cutter and trimmer. With a cutter, you can cut only one piece of paper. But with a trimmer, you can trim a whole bundle simultaneously.

Let me warn you that there are two types of the trimmer.

Guillotine trimmer is best for high and frequent use. But for low volume, you can not beat rotary paper trimmer. Both are safe to use at home and provides a smooth trim.

2.    Crop-a-Dile:

Want to punch snap, scrambles or holes into any paper?

Then this is the answer you are looking for. This is an excellent tool to do so and perform many other functions. There is also a section that allows you to punch bigger holes, and a section to punch smaller ones. It is very simple to use as you would need only to screw up and down. For different diameters, there are different settings.

3. Stamping tool:

This one does not require any description or clarification. If you want to stamp designs into a paper, you must have this item.

The process of using is also very easy. You would have to use a different color in the design than the paper itself and place the design into the tool. Simply by placing the tool on the paper and pressing it will do the trick.

4. Self-healing cutting mat:

This one is less of a tool and more of a protector. Protector of what? This tool protects the work surface. For paper crafting, you would have to work with a knife and a rotary cutter alternatively. This mat will help to protect your work from any damage.

With a rotary cutter, large size cutting mat works best. But if your paper crafting is only a hobby, then you should use the medium sized mat.

5. Distress tool:

You would need a distress tool to increase the comfort of your crafting. It comes with edge creasers on the side. There is a corner notch that you need to run through the edge of the paper.

On the downside of the tool, there is a smooth surface that also acts as metal distress. On the upper side, the surface is rough. The end holds a metal brush that acts as a distressing tool.

By using this tool, you can provide you paper or photo with an amazing look.

6. Heat producing gun:

Heat producing gun does just that, produces heat without producing a flame. So naturally, this is almost an essential tool. The mechanism almost makes the tool to look like a hairdryer.

Heat producing gun or machine comes useful in many cases. Any work that needs heat embossing will require a heat producing gun. You can even use them to deal with water colored image and or shimmer paint or to shrink an image.


Paper crafting is a popular hobby. But to effectively craft a paper, you would need these six tools. Adding them to your collection can make the whole process more easy, safe and fun for you. Granted, there are various other tools that you can use to enhance your art. But these six should be there in every crafter’s arsenal. Simply by using these items or tools, you can get to a new level of sophistication with your art.